Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sightings This Week

After my first Bluebird sighting, I saw some Tree Swallows check out the bluebird nest box. Of course, now the house sparrows have taken it so I am waiting to empty the nest once eggs are laid. May try to put them in the fridge for future dummy eggs if I put up more bluebird boxes, I plan to so we will see...In the meantime we have been "taking care of" the house sparrows with our friend Remington.... ;-)  I would love to try a sparrow trap from, if hubby will approve the purchase.... =/

I saw my first Flicker (at this house) a couple days ago. I have been hearing them for the past 5 years we have lived here, but have never seen one so that was exciting!

Our Cardinal pair has returned, they must have been hiding out all winter.

Today I saw our Ringneck Pheasant pair out on the edge of one of our fields, yay! I just love to watch them and when the chicks come along, it is so cute to see them following along! Beautiful birds!

I did get a few photos so I may try to post them over the weekend if I get time. =)

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